25 January, 2017

New Error Proof Positioning Arms

New TLS1 positioning arms now available!
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14 October, 2016

New Torque Testers with Serial Port and Software for PC

The new 'Torque Analyser' PC software for Torque Testers is now available for Mini K/S and Mini Ke/S (with serial port).
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01 September, 2016

Major Upgrade on EDU2AE Control Units

The EDU2AE series of controllers for MITO & PLUTO screwdrivers is now totally renovated and fully upgraded.
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27 July, 2016

New High Speed Screwdriver!

PLUTO3FR/HS, the high speed clutch screwdriver!
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13 July, 2016

New Linear Arm - max 35Nm

LINAR1/35 (max 35Nm) is available for purchase.
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