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It is our goal to provide you with precision tools which are also quick and easy to install. For this reason our Mini K/S and Mini Ke/S Torque Testers are now supplied with a mini USB instead of a serial port. At the same time we have upgraded our Torque Analyser with additional features which will help you keep an eye on each torque measurement.

Product names and codes don't change:

Mini K1/S, code 021402/S
Mini K5/S, code 021403/S
Mini K20/S, code 021404/S

Mini Ke5/S, code 021405/5/S
Mini Ke25/S, code 021405/25/S
Mini Ke50/S, code 021405/50/S

Torque Analyser upgrade 2.0
We've added new features to our Torque Analyser software - now with additional statistics based on data gathered from your measurements:

- Mean torque value.
- New graphs for immediate visual feedback.
- Autosave and backup against accidental disconnections.

Torque Analyser 2.0 works only with Mini K/S and Mini Ke/S testers with mini USB port.