23 June, 2017

Mini K/S and Mini Ke/S Torque Testers - now with USB and Torque Analyser 2.0!

Here's our new, new MINI K/S.
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13 June, 2017

'EDU Expand' Software for PC - available for download

Our 'EDU Expand' Software for PC is now available for download on page Control Units.
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25 May, 2017

New RAF 50 Screwdriver for 8 - 44.3 in.lbs Torques

The new RAF50 screwdriver is available! Torques from 8 up to 44.3 in.lbs!
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08 May, 2017

PLUTO3FR/HS - The high speed, clutch screwdriver

PLUTO3FR/HS, the high speed clutch screwdriver, is available for purchase!
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01 May, 2017

FREE Controller Give Away

For a limited time Kolver will be giving away a FREE EDU1BL series controller with the purchase of any KBL brushless series electric screwdriver and a FREE EDU1FR series controller with the purchase of any FAB or RAF series screwdriver.
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